Polymer installation / removal tool for the magazine catch  of  the M16 Family of Weapons and AR15 rifles and carbines.  Reduces the time needed to maintain the magazine catch.  

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Ambi-Catch Tool
The Ambi-Catch Tool is a patented tool injection molded from high impact polymer that will not damage your weapon or its parts.
A boss at the top of the tool holds the magazine release button in place for easy installation.
Compact design allows the user to insert and hold the depressed mag catch button securely with one hand.
Limiting surfaces for weapons with or without a fence.
Edge of tool can also be used to rapidly unload magazines.

SKU/Item Number: 200090P(Black), 200091P(OD), 200092P(Dark Earth)

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Ambi-Catch Tool

The Ambi-Catch™ Tool allows the user to effortlessly install or remove the magazine catch.  Design features aid in alignment of the mag catch button with the slot in the lower receiver.  Polymer construction will not damage the receiver or mag catch button.


Compact design allows the user to hold the captured mag catch button and spring in the weapon positively with one hand. 

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 US Patent  6,173,519

Ambi-Catch Tool Installation Video