Denmark M/10 Carbine

Denmark M/10 Carbine

On 26 April 10  the Danish military procurement organization FMT announced it would be ordering 5,000 M/10 Carbines from Colt Canada.  According to a translation of the Danish press release, the M/10 Carbines will include a licensed Colt Canada version of the Ambi-Catch™ (Ambidextrous Features).









Translation of the Danish press release as it appears on the CASR website,

Prototype (M/08) with Ambi-Catch™ and Cadex folding vertical grip

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The Danish Army buys new M/10 type rifles
Forsvaret køber nye gevæer af typen M/10 )

An upgraded version of the M/95 rifle and M/96 carbine are on the way to Danish soldiers.  The first of 5,000 new M/10s  (C8IURs)  will arrive in the middle of April.


DALO, the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization ( FMT/Forsvarets Materieltjeneste) has signed a contract with Colt Canada for the delivery of 5000 M/10 rifles, which is an upgraded version of current Danish Army M/95 and M/96 carbines.

These small arms will be delivered over a period of two years, with 2500 pieces coming in 2010 and another 2500 units arriving in 2011. The cost is about 112M Danish kroner.

Better adaptations for the Markman

The upgraded rifle has a "flydende pibe" [ a 'free-floating' barrel ], improving accuracy. Ambidextrous features make M/10s easy to adapt for individual shooters. The rifle can be just as easily be aimed with the left eye and fired from the left shoulder, as the right.

Unlike earlier Danish rifles, the M/10 also has six positions on its adjustable butt stock (the M/95 rifle lacked adjustment, M/96 carbines had only three adjustment positions). Thus, the M/10 can be better adjusted to fit an individual soldier's fragmentation vest.

Also new for the M/10 is a detachable [and foldable] fore grip handle and the C8IUR's uninterrupted picatinny-style rail extending all the way to the front of the hand guard. This feature allows a soldier to mount special sights and equipment in multiple ways.

Technical specifications M/10, C8IUR

Weight: 3.7kg, length (butt stock retracted): 81cm, length (butt stock extended): 89.2cm muzzle velocity: 890 meters per second,  rate of fire (automatic): 45-65 shots per minute.